The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is the theory that the full chemical makeup of the cannabis plant harmonizes together to create the full spectrum of the effect. Each compound, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, act in unison after consumption resulting in the effect; rather than the common belief that only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) plays a role.

Our FLOWAH is grown in a Tier 1, 5000 ft2 facility with a plant canopy of less than 3000 ft2.
Cured using

We take pride in our pheno-typing and genetic testing program that helps us select strains that are unique, potent, and flavorful. The challenge is maintaining those characteristics of each strain throughout the post-harvest process. To combat this challenge, we utilize a Cannatrol cure room equipped with patented Vaportrol Technology. This state-of-the-art curing technology creates a stable environment for plants to cure, regardless of the outside conditions. Using this technology, we can perfectly cure our plants and maintain full control of our post harvest process.


Hand-trimming our flower guarantees the integrity of the cannabinoid-rich trichome heads. Our plants are grown, dried, & cured in our facility, hand-trimmed by a small crew of 6 or less people, then preserved in a Terploc bags to ensure quality.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a form of cannabis solvent concentrate made to embody the natural characteristics of the strain used. The reason it is called “Live” is because the plant material used is flash-frozen directly after harvest, while the plant is still alive. The frozen material is then used for extraction. Cured resin on the other hand, is extracted from flower that has been fully dried and cured.

At Nimbus, quality is always our number one focus. When making Live Resin, there are two major parameters that drive quality: 1.) Quality bud that is harvested correctly and at the right time and 2.) the temperature at which we extract. For our live resin plants are harvested early, when the cannabinoid rich trichome heads are clear and haven’t they turn an amber color. This cuts down on the amount we need to process the resin after it’s extracted and prevents the need to do any color remediation. We also are able to extract in a Cyrogenic (-60° C), which ensures that we are only extracting the cannabinoids and terps, leaving behind unwanted plant material.

Featured farm LIVE resin

Nimbus Featured Farm LIVE resin products are made using flower from locally owned cultivations, and extracted by the Nimbus lab team. As a company focused on true craft, we feature farms that share our values and true love for the plant.

Our Signature Strain line is a curated collection of unique genetics from growers around Massachusetts that we aim to accentuate within our terpene driven live resin. Experience the fruits of their labor and immerse yourself in the captivating world of our crafted concentrates.

Peach Cresendo, Pie Scream, Limosa, Blueberry Cupcake
413 Diesel, Concord Grape, Lemon OZ, Mary


Terpenes are natural compounds that exist in plants and other living things. They give the plants they occupy the colors, tastes, and aromas that make them unique. For cannabis, terpenes are the things that dictate the smell, taste, and even effects attributed to flower strains and other THC products.

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Piney aroma, with a calming effect.
Woody, fruity aroma, with a sedative effect.
Citrusy, herbal aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Woody, herbal aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Earthy, sweet aroma, with a sedative effect.
Floral, spicy aroma, with a sedative effect.
Floral, rosey aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Zesty, citrusy aroma, with an uplifting effect.
Bitter, hoppy aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Cooling, minty aroma, with a calming effect.
Musky, citrusy aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Minty, menthol-like aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Spicy, floral aroma, with a relaxing effect.
Earthy, woody aroma, with a therapeutic effect.
Delta 3 Carene
Woody, citrusy aroma, with a focusing effect.