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Rainbow Papaya Bomb

Rainbow Papaya is an enchanting hybrid strain born from the union of Rainbow Belts and Papaya Bomb. This carefully bred cross results in a remarkable cannabis variety that embodies the best characteristics of its parent strains. With a balanced blend of calming effects, delightful flavors, and enticing aromas, Rainbow Papaya is sure to captivate both experienced and novice cannabis enthusiasts.

Effects and Flavor:

The effects of Rainbow Papaya are predominantly calming, inducing a euphoric high that leaves users feeling happy and relaxed. With a THC content of around 30%, this strain is ideal for those with a high tolerance for THC. It is recommended to enjoy Rainbow Papaya during evening hours due to its sedating qualities. The flavor and aroma of this strain are reminiscent of sweet and fruity candy, with hints of fruit, skunk, and pine adding depth and complexity.